How you can make impact

We have four main projects that utilizes cycling lifestyle to bring positive change and development to the local community.
The projects are:
1.Re-Cycling Tour 2. One Bike Workshop 3. One Bike Nomad 4.One Bike Mobility

Re-Cycling Tour

On a montlly “cycling to recycle” event we gather people to cycle around Moshi – using a special backpack tailor made from recycled materials – colleting plastic bottles for recycling. Re-Cycling Tour is being extended to schools in a hope to engage kids and their families.

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One Bike Workshop

Mechanical training program for youth taking place weekly in our bike shop. It is an opportunity for them to develop a professional skill, to have an income, and to serve the community where they live. In addition they may become spreaders of bicycle lifestyle in their social circle. 

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One Bike Nomad

On the 15th of every month our tools to one of the villages in our region to offer free bike repair and maintenance . This project ensures the community we serve have their bicycles in perfect condition to help them on their daily activities such as transport to farm, work, etc.

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One Bike Mobility

mobility 2

Through our partners and collaborators, we donate bicycles to attend different needs of our community, such as students that live very far away from school, people who need transportation to hospitals from remote areas etc.

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Why ride with One Bike

We Give back to the community

40% of all our proceeds goes to fund social projects we have such as giving bicycles to the local community, creating awareness of environment pollution through re-cycling tours etc.


We're 100% local company, we employ local staff to do the job, hence when you ride with us, you help us fight the unemployment problem in our town.

customized tours

Though we've pre-arranged cycling itineraries, we are very flexible hence we can customize the tours or make new ones for you. From changing tour rate, to adding activities a long the way, we're ready to serve you.

great reviews

We're rated 5 stars on TripAdvisor. We're awesome people, we use quality bikes and we've the most affordable cycling tours in Moshi.

Cycling Experiences

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We offer overnight and multiple day trips, where you can ride through the slopes of Kilimanjaro to Tanzania’s National Parks, or cycle all the way to the Indian Ocean, we have the adventure you are looking for.

Full-day trips

Dive deep into our nature and culture while cycling through our mountains, waterfalls, plantations and villages while getting insider information from our savvy guides and having a lot of fun.

City tours

With Mount Kilimanjaro as background, get to know your way around picturesque Moshi Town and it’s relaxing outskirts. Learn history, culture, local foods, and tips to best enjoy your time in the smoke city. Our city tours are the best way for you to unveil Moshi with the guidance of local eyes.

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