One Bike is a community-based social enterprise of bicycle enthusiasts located in the vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Our story

We are a Bike & Repair Shop and we run unique cultural-adventure cycling expeditions in the Kilimanjaro region as well as culturally rich local tours around Moshi City. With that, we not only support our social projects, but we employ guides, and engage foreign travelers and community members.

We partner with top local experts on Safari and Climbing tours so our clients will have their whole Tanzanian experience designed at once, ensuring a flawless time.

Our Mission is to improve the lives of people in our community and to promote responsible tourism through a cycling lifestyle. One bike at a time!

A Unique Identity

The unique logo type expresses the vision of One Bike changing the world, one bike at a time. The two semi spheres that represent the “O” and “E” letters are divided but it can be united by replicating the image, so it can complete a wheel, symbol of cycling. The wonderful piece of art was created by hand and carved in the wood, then processed as a digital image. This process keeps authenticity and imperfections that made One Bike’s logo type a humble and honest image


A community of environmental lovers, fighting everyday for a sustainable present, changing human behavior through bike culture.

Our Team


Kilimanjaro MTB Expert, Born in Chagga Village, cyclist soul, environment lover, community empowerment builder.


Business Operation Officer. Community Work and Social Business Development professional background. Cycling and soccer passionate.


Sustainability Advisor
Sustainability Expert
Innovation Director, 12 years of experience in advertising networks, a passion for Mother Nature.


Business development around the globe, while enjoying nature and local cultures.


Kilimanjaro Climbing Expert – Tour Partner
Over 200 summit,  mountain, Cycling and nature passionate. One Bike volunteer and social entrepreneur


Tour partner
Safari Expert, wildlife, nature and cycling enthusiast, he is a natural bike mechanic and active One Bike volunteer collaborating in many areas.


Bicycle Mechanics and Cycling Guide 
Passionate about bicycles, he is a natural bicycle mechanics meeting different people is one the things that makes it so special for him. He is always taking new ways to explore too


Cycling Guide
This guy loves to cycle. It is his job, his hobby, his life. He can remember his first ever bike ride

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