Why is Tanzania the best country for a bike tour in Africa?

While most people visit Tanzania from a car or from their hotel in Zanzibar, this is not the only option. If you enjoy cycling, being active and adventures, you should definitely consider going for a bike tour in Tanzania, Africa. Let us explain you why it is the best country in Africa for adventure travel.

6 reasons why Tanzania is the best country for a bike tour in Africa 


1) Wildlife – Bike tour among the African animals

Bike tour in east africa


There is a good reason why Tanzania is a popular safari destination. It is a paradise for wild animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras and much more. But if you do not feel like sitting in a car all day, you can do a bike safari and get close to the animals from your bike. 

In Tanzania, you can do a bike safari in Arusha National Park, Saadani National Park and Kilimanjaro National Park. Even without entering a National Park, you also have the opportunity to observe wildlife in other areas of Tanzania. For example, in West Kilimanjaro, Maasai and wild animals live peacefully together. Tanzania is the best country in Africa for a bike tour during which you can see wild animals such as zebras and giraffes.


 2) People & culture of Tanzania, Africa  

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Tanzania is composed of more than 120 tribes such as Maasai and Chagga. Each tribe has different traditions and ways of living which makes a bike tour through Tanzania an unforgettable experience. From one region to another, the local practices and languages are completely different. Regardless of their tribe, locals will welcome you with open arms, greet you, and share their culture with you. Tanzanian people are extremely curious and will always give you a warm welcome, which ensures a safe bike tour.

In Tanzania, 35% of the population is muslim and 65% is christian. This mix of culture and religion makes Tanzania unique to discover both from a cultural and nature perspective. At One Bike Tanzania, we truly believe that there is no better way to explore Tanzania than by bike. Throughout your journey, you will feel like a local, passing through villages and fully discovering the Tanzanian cultures and traditions.


3) Unique African landscape 

Bike tour in east africa


Tanzania is not only famous for its wildlife and people but also for its incredible landscape. Mountains like Mt. Kilimanjaro, dry savanna in Serengeti and incredible beaches in Zanzibar, are some of the unique landscapes that you will remember for the rest of your life. Seeing them from a bike adds the perfect touch to your travel. No limitation from the road, during a bike tour, you are free to stop whenever and take the best picture for memories.


4) The weather – Perfect for a bike tour in Africa

bike tour in east africa

Located near the equator, Tanzania has a very bike-friendly climate. You can enjoy cycling in Tanzania all year long and escape the freezing winter or the burning summer in your country. From January to April, it is the dry season so it is a very good time to visit Tanzania and go for a bike tour. The rainy season is between April and May so it is the only time in the year that we would not advise you to travel. From June to December, you can book your next bike adventure worry-free. The weather will be very favourable for a bike tour and for ensuring the best views.


5) Trails and African Roads

bike tour in east africa

Bike lovers will find that Tanzania is a paradise for mountain bike tours. Most of the roads in Tanzania are unpaved. That means you can cover long distances in one day while both enjoying great single trails and gravel roads in the middle of nature. You do not need to be a professional cyclist to be able to ride these trails. Only patience and mental strength will get you to the destination. The beauty of the trails and of the landscape will also give you motivation to keep going and continue your adventure.


6) Food & Accommodation in unique location

bike tour in east africa

After a long bike ride, it is crucial to spend a good night recovering and getting ready for the next day. From luxury lodges to budget local places, you will always find somewhere to relax in Tanzania. At One Bike Tanzania, we make sure to select accommodation that fit your standard while making sure that you also have a true Tanzanian experience.

Food-wise, everywhere you go, you will find delicious vegetables and fruits to keep you energized for your ride. If you dream of passion fruit, bananas, mangos, avocados and more, this is paradise. Each region has its own food specialities that will make you discover different tastes and be part of the adventure. Everything is grown locally in Tanzania which ensures that the food you are eating has been carefully grown and prepared.



If this article convinced you to book a trip in Tanzania, Africa, then our bike tours are waiting for you. 

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