Unlittering Africa impontant goal of One Bike Tanzania


Unlittering Africa is an important goal of One Bike. It is crucial to raise awareness to the problems that waste and littering create. This is not a problem only here in Africa, but around the world. All types of non-recyclable materials end up in landfills, city centers, and particularly the ocean. The largest offender is plastic!

Africa map

Africa is a continent with incredible population growth. In fact, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be an additional 1.3 Billion people on the African continent. This is the equivalent of 3.5 million more people per month, or 80 additional people per minute, thus making Africa the biggest contributor to the future global population growth!

Here in Tanzania, awareness is beginning, and a ban on single use plastic bags has been in effect since June of 2019. The ban applies to the production, importation, sale and use of all single-use plastic bags. However, it is quite evident that other forms of plastic, such as bottles, are strewn everywhere, all over Tanzania. This creates both an eyesore and an environmental mess.


In order to combat this problem, One Bike has dedicated the first Saturday of each month to a campaign to clean litter in the streets and help raise awareness. Volunteers on bicycles meet in the morning, and using recycled grain sacks, clean up litter from the streets. # unlittering Africa

Recycling tour

The map above shows areas of Africa with high mismanaged plastic waster per capita. We can see that Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, is a problem area. Of course, it is not only in large cities where there is a problem, and One Bike wants to clean up the entire country. Eventually, there is hope that this problem will be ameliorated all over the continent!

onebike recycling tour home

Join us for our Recycling Tour each first Saturday of the month and help clean our city and raise awareness!



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