Life is challenging at present and the future is of course unpredictable. But OneBiketz wants you to know that when you are ready, or when your home country allows freedom of travel, we are here waiting for you with open arms, open hearts and the delight of sharing our beloved Kilimanjaro with you.

We may still have to carry out social distancing and will of course continue to clean our bikes and sanitize along the way. We take your health and well being seriously as we do for our families, friends and community that is of course a high priority.


Tourism industry in Tanzania is ready to welcome you to explore

As the world is carefully and slowly re opening and and lifting up lock-down measures in a phased way to allow things get back to normal. Its important that we adopt to  what can be a new normal. Of course enjoy the gift of life. Tourism industry here in Tanzania is ready to welcome you to explore and experience its iconic attractions.

Our treks, tours and safaris will allow you to experience the true wonders of Tanzania. With Kilimanjaro as your back drop you will cycle through rough land, rivers and valleys. You will witness an amazing array of wildlife, beautiful flora and fauna. As well enjoy swimming in secluded lakes and waterfalls.Its going to be a wonderful.

OneBiketz will take you to the heart of their community and you will experience day to day life of the local people of Moshi. You will become part of our world and together we can and will conquer the challenges 2020 have presented to us.

With smiles and blessing for keeping safe and well all the team at OneBikeTZ. Look forward to mountain bike riding and climbing the paths up Kilimanjaro with you. Most welcome to travel and explore in Tanzania once again. Thank you!

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