Tour de Kili 1st Edition Bike Tour

Tour de Kili in Tanzania is a unique bike tour. One Bike offers an amazing choice of bike tours An annual event that has become quite popular is the Tour de Kili (Kilimanjaro). Below is a description of the trail we took on this particular bike tour in 2020.

Cycling tour from Tarakea to Marangu and on to Moshi

On August 1-2, 2020, the first day of the event,  we started in Tarakea, biking all the way to Marangu. This was a distance of 72 kilometers on a gravel road. We stayed overnight at Marangu, camping on the grounds of the Nakara Hotel. The next day we cycled from Marangu all the way to Moshi Town, and covered a distance of 35 kilometers, also on a gravel road.


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Starting out from Tarakea, the surrounding lands are dry and offer an expansive view of the surrounding savannah. The starting point is at Tarakea. Tarakea is on the Northeast side of Mount Kilimanjaro. From here we head south, riding until we come close to Lake Chala in the Southeast corner of the region. As we begin moving west the landscape changes from relatively flat to undulating hills. Then, as we begin crossing through local villages, many curious onlookers come to see, what is for them, a rare event. As a result, interacting with the locals becomes an important part of the tour. And since we need to stop and take breaks anyways, we can then talk, joke, and laugh together with the local villagers.


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Mt. Kilimanjaro, 5,895 Meters Tall!

An imposing image of Mt. Kilimanjaro can be seen if the weather is clear. As we work our way around the mountain, there are many different views offered of this large behemoth. Mt Kilimanjaro is in fact the tallest mountain on the continent of Africa at 5,895 Meters! The landscape is quite spectacular, as the wide open spaces of Africa often are, with red soil and brush. Then, as we begin to reach Marangu the landscape begins to change. There the wide open spaces yield to denser forests as we make our way to Moshi Town where the Tour de Kili ends.

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An Annual Event – Bike Tour

One of the reasons this is a special event is because it is done only once a year. This annual event is an absolutely spectacular tour in the foothills of the majestic Kilimanjaro. Contact us now to reserve your spot for the 2021 Tour de Kili. You won’t be sorry!


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