Bike tours are becoming a hugely popular way to see the world.

Once reserved for cycling-mad lifelong bike fans, bicycle tours are now becoming more popular with casual cyclists. And they’re not just reserved for flat, simple accessible routes throughout Europe – lots of adventurous cycling fans are now tackling exciting tours across the world.

Though anyone hoping to tackle a bike tour should have some experience with cycling, they don’t need an Olympic medal or bulging calves or endless experience in a velodrome. Instead, cycling tours are now much more accessible.

Africa is slowly emerging as one of the world’s most exciting cycling regions, and is rightly being recognised as an excellent place to take a bike trip.

To celebrate its emergence, we’ve put together this guide – we’ve assembled our favourite 5 bike tours in Africa.


All of these bicycle tours are adventurous, and they’re all an excellent way to see some of Africa’s most exciting landscapes. And they all offer safety and security along with huge adventures.

Here we go – the 5 best bike tours in Africa:

5) Kilimanjaro to Indian Ocean

On this Kilimanjaro bike tour, you head east from Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean, to experience two vastly different landscapes. Your journey ends in the town of Pangani, passing through Tanga city, Lushoto city and other big settlements.

If you like experiencing towns and cities, this is one of the best bike tours in Africa. On our other bicycle tours, smaller villages are the settlements of choice. In this one, you’ll see larger towns and cities.

It’s also a good choice if you want to see a slightly different side to Tanzania’s natural wonders. You won’t just enjoy Kilimanjaro and its surroundings, you’ll also watch the landscape change as jagged peaks and lush forests make way to sandy shores.

A 10-day challenge over 400 kilometres, it’s a lengthy bicycle tour for only the hardiest of cyclists.

Kilimanjaro to Indian Ocean

Highlights on this tour include:

  • Wildlife: you’ll see zebras, giraffes, elephants, chameleons, monkeys and more, making for a fantastic way to see lots of animals without them being the focus of your ride.
  • Forests: lots of this trip takes you through forested land, with waterfalls, jungles and diverse flora.
  • Cities: this is what makes this trip so unique. You’ll pass through large cities, gaining an excellent insight into city life in eastern Africa.
  • Beaches: none of our other tours take you to Tanzania’s shores – but this one does.

View more details of the Kilimanjaro to Indian Ocean tour.

4) Kilimanjaro 360° Challenge

If you want a bicycle tour which is heavily and exclusively focused on Kilimanjaro and its surroundings, this is it.

A 9-day adventure over almost 500 kilometres, this 360° tour – as you might have guessed – takes you around the entire circumference of the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

For the entire nine days, you’ll be greeted by every single view of Mount Kilimanjaro that you can imagine. You’ll see it from all angles, from all landscapes and in all lights. You’ll see it at dusk. You’ll see it at dawn. You’ll see it in more ways than most people have ever seen it.

But more than that, this tour will allow you to experience all of the ecosystems and habitats which thrive and survive at the base of the mountain. Tanzania bike tours don’t get any more diverse than this.

Kilimanjaro 360° Challenge

Highlights of this Kilimanjaro bike tour include:

  • Villages: you’ll overnight in villages, you’ll pass through villages and you’ll learn about villages. It’s a fantastic way to learn about how tribes exist in and around the base of Kilimanjaro. You’ll even spend time in fascinating campsites.
  • Cycling: this is a challenging route, and it’s a lengthy route. If you’re serious about cycling, and want a cycling challenge at the forefront of your adventure, this is a fantastic choice. But be warned: it’s not a cycling challenge for casuals.
  • Nature: woodlands, plains, wildlife corridors, plateaus, peaks, valleys and lakes allow you to experience the huge diversity of the life and landscapes which surround Kilimanjaro.

In short, this bicycle tour is a fantastic combination of all of our Kilimanjaro bike tours rolled into one.

For a deep insight into what Kilimanjaro is, it’s the best bike tour in Africa.

view more details of the Kilimanjaro 360° tour

3) 4 Days Chagga Village Cycling

If you’re interested in local villages and local culture rather than nature, wildlife and views, you’ll love this.

You’ll visit lots of settlements during this tour, including Moshi town, Machame village, Kwa sadala village and other small villages. You’ll meet Chagga people, Maasai people and other indigenous tribes.

When visiting these villages, you’ll see farming, animals, coffee plantations and banana plantations. You’ll also enjoy cultural activities and other insights into local life. It’s an excellent bicycle tour for anyone who likes getting close to local people.

4 Days Chagga Village Cycling

But though this Kilimanjaro bike tour takes you from village to village, don’t let that fool you. It’s a challenging ordeal over difficult terrain, navigating roads which take you deep into villages you can’t access by car.

For those who value local experiences, learning about local culture and getting off the beaten track, this is one of the best bike tours in Africa.

view more details of the 4 days chagga village tour


2) 3 Days Cycle West Kilimanjaro

This isn’t the most exciting Kilimanjaro bicycle tour in the world, but it’s perfect for casual cyclists seeking something relatively easy and accessible.

A three-day bicycle tour of 71 kilometres, it’s the perfect choice for tourists seeking adventure without too much intensity.

All of this tour takes place in the West Kilimanjaro plains, so the entire trip is packed with views of Kilimanjaro. If your sole priority is grabbing endless views of Mount Kilimanjaro over all else – and not doing too much cycling – this is the perfect trip for you.

You’re also likely to see zebras, wildebeest, giraffes and baboons, but encountering elephants isn’t likely. Aside from animal inhabitants, you’ll also meet Maasai people, and learn all about their culture.

3 Days Cycle West Kilimanjaro

This Tanzania bike tour is the perfect snapshot of many facets of Kilimanjaro, its animals and its people. It’s the best bike tour in Africa for people who don’t want to cycle for more than three days.

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1) Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro Crater tour

Here we go, the main event!

The most unique tour we offer, this is one of the best Tanzania bike tours in the world. It’s like a safari by bicycle.

The route begins near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and heads west to the Ngorongoro Crater, a huge hollow created by a volcano which erupted over two million years ago.

But don’t let its name fool you – the area is huge, measuring in at around 260 square kilometres, and it’s the best place in East Africa to see the Big Five.

Somewhere between a Tanzania bike tour and a Tanzania safari, the Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro Crater Tour offers great cycling and great wildlife.

A challenging 7-day tour over more than 350 kilometres, you’ll pass through a hugely diverse amount of nature, experiencing villages, banana plantations, coffee plantations and vast, arid plains. But most importantly, you’ll pass through some of the most concentrated areas of wildlife in Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro Crater tour

If you want to safari without the mundanity of riding by jeep, it’s the best bike tour in Tanzania.

Highlights on this tour include:

  • Moshi: the laid back village at the foot of Kilimanjaro is a cultural melting pot of tourists, coffee plantations and African and Asian influences. It’s also endlessly charming.
  • Mount Meru: one of the most iconic mountains in the whole of Tanzania, your ride will be stuffed with beautiful views of it.
  • Tarangire National Park: you’ll skirt around the border of this region, which offers the most concentrated area of elephants in the whole of Tanzania.
  • Lake Manyara: one of the largest lakes in Tanzania, your trip will take in some fantastic views of the water and its surroundings. Often, the lake is populated by zebras, giraffes and many more of Tanzania’s animal inhabitants.

Overall, this Kilimanjaro bike tour is perfect for tourists who want to combine cycling with seeing some of Tanzania’s best wildlife. Like safaris? You’ll like this even more.

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Our Tanzania Bike Tours

We think they’re the top 5 bike tours in Africa. Yes, they’re all in a similar area, but for us, Tanzania is Africa’s best nation for an African bike tour. And our bicycle tours are the best of them all.

Our Africa bike tours are safe, fun and adventurous, and they bring you closer to the heart of Africa.

For any bicycle tours around Kilimanjaro and Tanzania, get in touch.

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