March 1st.  2020 saw the annual Kilimanjaro Marathon winding its way through the town of Moshi and surrounding villages with the Kilimanjaro mountain standing snow capped, proud and majestic in the background.

The weather was perfect, mild and sunshine being shadowed occasionally by the clouds.
This was the 18th Kilimanjaro marathon and every year the numbers increase and participants come from further afield, Europe, America  Australia as well as surrounding African neighbors all conjoining to enjoy the atmosphere and the spectacular views.

This is the 2nd year “One Bike TZ” have taken the initiative to collect and recycle the plastic waste accumulated during the 26.6 miles or 42 Kilometres run.Many enthusiastic sports people needing to quench their thirst and keep hydrated along the Kilimanjaro route.

We all know the importance hydration during a grueling marathon and grasping a water bottle from the water station is a must to be able to run healthily but as yet no other solution other than the use of plastic bottles has been found so until a better environmental solution is put into use the plastic bottle will be used.

Once again the drinking water was supplied by Kilimanjaro Water Company and the staggering number plastic bottles numbers 5000 approximately. For the runners each water station is a welcome sight during any marathon: Run Collect Run Drink Run Throw Run. When the plastic bottle are discarded One Bike Re-Cycle come into action with their amazing team of volunteers to do The Big Clean Up.

Hillary and Goodluck co founders of OneBiketz who specialize in Cycling Tours in Kilimanjaro have expanded their Social Enterprise Schemes to include recycling plastics from collecting plastic rubbish from the surrounding areas around Moshi.

Armed with recycled Rice and Flour Sacks local cycle enthusiasts, volunteers and OneBiketz members of staff pick up and collect the discarded plastic bottles from the marathon route. 

Collecting up the plastic after the marathon is the biggest “pick up” event by far by OneBike. But they do this admirable task on a monthly basis,  every first Saturday of the month they run a Re-Cycling Tour and every last Friday of the month they do the tour with local School Students reinforcing the community spirit to do good.

Recent scientific, wildlife research and high profile documentaries have been highlighting the devastating impact waste plastic has on our environment. The well being of the local wildlife population is paramount to the majority of businesses in the region. Safaris, treks, cycle tours around Kilimanjaro depend on the animals to earn their keep. By organisation such as One Bike taking on the recycling mantle is ensuring the dangers of plastics is being addressed as much as possible.  
We all know the importance hydration during a grueling marathon and grasping a water bottle from the weather station is a must to be able to run healthily but as yet no other solution other than the use of plastic bottles has been found.  

Part  of One Bike Mission Statement to educate and empower people to live healthier and happier lives by using cycling as a positive impact on their well being. Today there is as much focus on mental health needs as well as the need to eat well and be physically fit. Taking a cycle tour into beautiful surrounding, enjoying the local environment and taking part in projects to unlitter Africa and working toward positive sustainability help to promote healthier minds and bodies which is key to One Bikes mission statement. 

The passion which the Hillary and Goodyear embrace the community and environment in Moshi and the Kilimanjaro Province shows that they are taking their social enterprise dreams to the next level and have the heart, souls and minds of the people as key to achieving true happiness for all marathon runners tourists, volunteers, locals or expatriates:  One Bike is looking after us all. May be a small company just celebrating its First Birthday but it has BIG IDEAS, a very big heart and a strong desire to make a difference and already they are excited to be working towards being part of the BIG PLASTIC CLEANUP of the next Kilimanjaro Marathon 2021 if you want to come and volunteer with us we will be waiting for you. 

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