These days nearly everything can be used, recycled, manipulated and upcyled. Having a positive programme of recycling is a small thing that one bike Tanzania can  do to help “save the planet”

In partnership with the Environment Office of Moshi, we launched  a guerrilla activity called Re-Cycling Tour Tanzania in early 2019, an event that has one goal, to clean the trash off the streets by bike. The critical mass cycling movement just started to go around the town, collecting the plastics, raise awareness and saving the environment by using a sustainable way of transportation. The plastics collected are then sent to the nearby recycling facility to be processed to make something of value, from trash to treasure.

This event was  born during the process of refocusing the vision of the brand, shifting from a simple bike shop into an active community of environmental lovers. The objective to help local community was the main element, that crossed with the sustainability component of cycling. 

The guerrilla event was reported by the national Daily News, underlining the commitment of One Bike on environment and sustainability activities.

Also our project won the second prize winner in  2019 youth citizen entrepreneurship competition under the category of responsible tourism in Berlin Germany. This competition is a global programme and an online platform to mobilize youth-led innovation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) .

2019 has being a big year for the project as we had the opportunity to participate in Kili Marathon as official cleaners; we were recognized by Environmental City Council as Environmental Lovers; and we were featured in a cover page article on national newspaper Daily News. We were also contacted by United Nations Environment Tanzania to collaborate with Environment Week and we were delighted they would reproduce Re-Cycling Tour in Dar Es Salaam to celebrate it.

In 2020 the Re-Cycling Tour Tanzania continued to wave the flag of collecting plastic trash whereby we participated in Kili Marathon event  and we were also recognized and certified for the second time and hopefully we will be participating in it over the forthcoming years .

 Re-Cycling Tour is being also extended to other communities and schools as a monthly interactive and stimulating activity with the students to promote basic environmental conscious and engagement in them, and hopefuly reaching their homes, parentes and family.

 It is important as you read this you may feel that  you cannot participate  with us here in Moshi  but you can create your own “cycle to recycle” right in your own committees  whether you are in Germany, Uk,Colombia, South Africa, France, Italy or anywhere we really are just one large family  aiming to make a difference no matter where you live or how small your community is.


We Fight For A Sustainable Present Lets Save Our Planet