One Bike Shop

Its more than just a shop. A bicycle repair and mechanics shop located in Moshi town, Kilimanjaro Tanzania. We provide a wide range of services related to bicycles including, bicycle repair and maintanance, parts and accessories, bike sales, mechanical skills and training and various activities and projects that uses bicycles  as a means of empowering community, changing  lives and saving the planet.

We say that One Bike shop is more than just a shop as it literally use the power of bicycle to address complex issues and solve  problems using bicycle approach 

One Bike Shop

We live in African continent which is developing every day and you cannot simply ignore the youth power which makes a big percent  of the whole population in most countries.Despite  rapid growth  development in Tanzania unemployment problem is still a nightmare to an average youth in the local community. Up to date we have trained more than 20 youth and they have all became experts in bicycle mechanics and bike tour guiding skills where they earn income for sustaining their daily living.Kindly see their brief successful story below


He is a graduate of the first batch of bicycle  mechanical skills training with One Bike Tanzania.

His cycling passion and fast learning ability allowed him to be trusted at One Bike shop and he is now A TRAINER AND GUIDE at One Bike shop. He is a true inspiration to other youth who wishes to become bicycle mechanics experts.

“I have always loved bicycles and I am happy that I can now do something usefully with it, thanks to One Bike Tanzania” – Said Juma.

Said at One Bike

One Bike Tanzania through bicycle mechanics workshop aims to tackle the problem of unemployment by training youth and developing their skills in bicycle mechanics so that they can create job for themselves and serve their community.With the skills and assistance they get from the One Bike they are able to start their own local bicycle repair center in their community where by they can earn income to sustain their daily living cost.


He is also a graduate of our training who is also doing very well now with the bicycle repair.After attending our training he is now able to do repair and helps his community.He is now a trainee of bicycle tour guide all the best for him.

“Now I know how to do  repairs and more and more people are trusting me when they need to repair their bicycles” – Rogers Muna.

We also train them on cycling tour guide skills since bicycle tourism is one way to promote responsible tourism.Tourism in Tanzania is among the sector that contribute more in  foreign earning but unfortunately an average local can not earn directly from this sector.By promoting cycling tourism its an easy way for locals (bicycle guides) to benefit directly  and promote responsible tourism.


She is a queen of cycling in One Bike shop, Agnes visited our shop and her cycling passion was out of this world. She then realized the possibility of learning more about bicycle and decided not to waste the golden opportunity of what she likes doing. She learned some skills and she is now doing very well as a female cycling guide.

“I have always liked riding a bike since I was young and as I grow up I even become more crazy about it” – Agnes Abel

agnes at One Bike

Cycling is a way forward to sustainable cities and the world needs to promote the carbon-free mobility mode of transport to save the planet.One Bike understand and support the UN sustainable development goals and we are determined to ensure that we do something to support this movement from our end.

Cycling is one way to promote responsible tourism and we encourage foreign travellers to use bicycle to visit attractive places.Therefore One Bike workshop is there to make sure that bicycles are always in good condition as we know that through it we will surely see better world and save the planet.
Amani at One Bike Shop


He is the youngest trainee that wishes to do big things in bicycle industry, at only 15 years old Amani has already shown a great potential  and exceptional learning ability.He usually attend training on saturday because on weekdays he is usually at school.Good luck for him!

“I love cycling and I want to learn more about mechanical skills so I can know how to maintain my bike and help fixing bikes for others” – Amani Thobias Moshi