One Bike Tanzania gives you the best bike tours and cycling experience in the Kilimanjaro region, the home of the highest mountain in Africa. Going out on a bike tour in this region can be very interesting as it allows you to get close to nature and discovering the inner beauty and amazing hidden view while cycling deep into natural places. Cycling is the best way to experience a new destination, to see sights most tourists never see and get off the beaten track.

Bike tour and cycling experience to an amazing view.

One Bike Tanzania gives you the best cycling experience to the most amazing and beautiful breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro that will allow you to see the mountain from different angles that gives you a chance to take a good picture of the mountain.

Bike tour and cycling experience to cultural Village.

With One Bike Tanzania, you can also get a chance to cycle and go on a bike tour to the Chagga village and see the beautiful Kilimanjaro countryside, coffee plantation, and the culture of the people around the highest mountain Africa. This bike tour will give you a chance to learn and see coffee processing activity, enjoy local food and cycling to a historical site, and beautiful Materuni waterfall and other activities.


Bike tour and cycling experience around Mount Kilimanjaro!


One Bike Tanzania “Kilimanjaro 360 experience” is an amazing bike tour and cycling experience around mount Kilimanjaro. This is a 6 to 9 days bike tour that takes you around mount Kilimanjaro and very deep in the forest. While on this cycling tour you will get a chance to see some animals on the way and breathtaking view of Moshi town from the highest level.

Bike tour and cycling experience to Ngorongoro!

One Bike Tanzania “Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro bike tour” is a wonderful cycling experience that one can get while in Tanzania. This is the best and different unforgettable way to enjoy your cycling experience all the way to the crater! This tour lets you explore beautiful areas of the park rarely visited while on safari hence giving you the ultimate wilderness experience. Its also a multiple days bike tour that you don’t want to miss while in Tanzania.

A ride with One Bike Tanzania will create lasting memories and great stories to share with your friends!

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