Everyone love a birthday party and birthday celebrations. We at One Bike rose to the occasion with a community spirited Birthday Party held at our Market Street bike shop on Friday.

Being our 1st birthday we wanted to raise lots of cheer for having had a great year running our Cycle Tours and Expeditions in the Kilimanjaro region. Animal adventures in our national parks, village bike rides to Chagga and guided city tours through the busy Moshi town. 

Our birthday party was our way of saying Thank You to the hoteliers and hostels who have used our Cycle Treks and Safaris, and to the wonderful partners and experts from the local world of climbing Kilimanjaro who have helped us provide a extensive range of experiences to engage foreigners in enjoying Tanzania on two wheels and getting close and personal with our amazing nature and wildlife. 

As well as raising the odd glass of cheer and eating lots of cake we celebrated our second year of being involved with the big plastic clear up after the successful Kilimanjaro Marathon 2020. Our passion for re-cycling continues to grow and we have more volunteers joining us on the first Saturday of the month to pick up the plastic rubbish from our roadsides.

We are so delighted to have such a large community and are already looking forward to our next excuse to have a party and hope if you are near by you will come a eat cake, sing karaoke and have fun with the One Bike Family

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