Something big happened in February 2019 in Moshi, the capital of the Kilimanjaro region. Other than known as the base of the highest free-standing mountain in the World- Kilimanjaro, Moshi is also known the cleanest city in Tanzania, and to help keep that record, One Bike Tanzania, launched a recycling tour in which residents in Moshi join together riding bikes around the town and collect plastic bottles, which are taken to recycling facilities.

The first recycling tour
The first re-cycling tour by ONE BIKE which took place last February in the streets of Moshi Town was a complete success, attended by many volunteers plus the Moshi Municipal Council as reflected by national newspapers. Dozens of plastic bottles were removed from the streets and taken to recycling facilities within special backpacks tailor-made for the job from recovered cement bags.

Participating in recycling tour
Following the first re-cycling tour, many more tours like that have been taking place every first Saturday of each month. This means that you too take part in cleaning the beautiful town of Moshi, plus enjoy the experience of riding with a group of locals who know the streets of Moshi town.  No matter who you are we know you care about your surroundings and want to see our city clean and beautiful.

Why participate in recycling tour
Participating in a recycling tour gives you both the fun and you also protect the whole environment at the same time.  This is an environmental movement so if you care about the environment and also want to make impact in the community by raising awareness to the people on why they should not litter and how the single-use plastic can be recycled to make something of value then this is the right thing to do, and most important it is more in a funny way on two wheels!

What you need to participate in a recycling tour.

Bike, a backpack for collecting trash, gloves, and helmet. But if you don’t have any of these, then you can easily hire it at our shop where the tour begins. There are no participation fees.

Where does the recycling tour take place?

The tour always begins at our bicycle shop ( our address is: Market Street and Mission street, Moshi town) where we meet and greet, then we get a short briefing on the tour and directions as well as some important tips on what to do and not to do along the way. This is also where people can get to learn more about our bike shop and other projects that we do.

How you can join recycling tour

Joining the next re-cycling tour is as easy as simply CLICKING HERE, to submit your contact details and we can contact you for further details and let you know the whole logistics for the upcoming re-cycling tours.

Let’s repeat this amazing experience every month and we are proud to see more and more people caring about our common environment and fighting to do things right.

So be ready and bring your friends and family because we can’t wait to share this amazing experience with you all. You will love to meet the ONE BIKE team and become a part of our big family.

Ready to register for a recycling tour or get more information, CLICK TO JOIN.

Karibu Sana!

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