The women here are strong. Not just mentally but physically. You can see it in the way they carry themselves, or in the produce of their work. The culture is destined to keep everyone in the same blanketed box. In the villages it’s not ‘good’ to stand out, or be the first one to make the change. So it continues that you rarely see a little girl on a bicycle, and never a woman.

They see a white woman cycle past and they think it’s something totally outside of their capabilities. But it’s one of the things that one day will help save this beautiful planet, and give them a sense of their Uhuru (freedom).

So next time you see a local woman look at you intriguingly on your bike, take that moment to Stop. Remind her of her Strength, and try to get her to Have a Go. It’s about breaking the mould, not reinforcing it.

If we instilled this change little by little, one kind gesture towards a woman, introducing her to this sustainable and powerful tool – the bike. Empowering her to ride where she wants to. You never know, you might just change her life.

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Karin · août 18, 2020 à 1:38

So great, to empower women by offer a ride…easy to do and maybe life changing ?

    Marnie · septembre 8, 2020 à 9:37

    Thank you for supporting us, your words keep inspiring us ! Keep follow us for more good and positive news !

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