Multiple cycling tours to explore Kilimanjaro

Cycling is the best way to integrate nature and culture while exploring our magical region and beautiful country. Above all, we make cycling tours accessible to everyone regarding their interests and physical ability by offering a variety of routes, for example: multiple day expeditions, full-day trips throughout the region and in addition city tours.

Expeditions cycling tours

We offer overnight and multiple day trips, where you can ride through the slopes of Kilimanjaro to Tanzania’s National Parks, or cycle all the way to the Indian Ocean. Therefore, we have the adventure you are looking for.

Full-day trips

Dive deep into our nature and culture while cycling through our mountains, waterfalls, plantations and villages. Consequently, getting insider information from our savvy guides and having a lot of fun.


City tours Moshi

With Mount Kilimanjaro as background, get to know your way around picturesque Moshi Town. And moreover, it’s relaxing outskirts. In addition, learn history, culture, local foods, and tips to best enjoy your time in the smoke city. Our city tours are the best way for you to unveil Moshi with the guidance of local eyes.

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