Event in Moshi: Cycling to Recycle

The first Saturday of every month One Bike Tanzania runs a Cycling to Recycle Event in Moshi where everyone is welcome to get on your bike and collect discarded plastics.

This event has runned for nearly 18 months and we have collected over 500 Kilos of plastic waste which would have been otherwise left to litter our roadsides, become danger to our children and our wildlife and ultimately destroy our beautiful landscape.


Recycling plastics every first Saturday of the month

Come and join us next Saturday, 5th September 2020 meeting at Market Street and  cycle around Moshi.

How do we collect the plastics? Firstly, we use a special carrier bag tailor made from recycled materials which we use like a backpack. Once filled, after that, at the end of our cycling to recycle we put all the collections into a large container and this is then sent to be cleaned, melted and recycled, to become a range of useful products. In addition, recycling is so important, not only because it takes discarded items off the streets but it extends the purpose of a product by reproducing it  to be a useful item once again.


These days nearly everything can be used, recycled, manipulated and upcycled. For example, having a positive programme of recycling is a small thing that One Bike TZ can do to help save the planet.

recycling at one bike shop

We can make this world better

It takes less energy to manufacture using recycled materials than to start a process using original or new materials. By saving energy on the manufacturing process which has a direct impact on pollution levels.

Our Re-cycling Tours aim to extend their concept of rubbish collection to schools and other communities. It is important as you read this blog you may feel that you cannot participate with us here in Moshi. Similarly, you can create your own “Cycle to Recycle” right in your own committees whether you are in Germany, UK, Colombia, South Africa, France, Italy or any where we really are just one large family aiming to make a difference no matter where you live or how small your community is.


We can make this world better

If we work together we can make this world, this planet a better, happier cleaner place. In conclusion, create your own Saturday cycle meet up and link up with us on our website or Instagam or if you are free in Moshi we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Together we are one big biking family who cycle to recycle.

Read more about our projects: https://onebiketz.com/projects

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