Biking in Kilimanjaro and enjoy the adventure in Tanzania

Biking around magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest peak of Africa is one of most adventure enthusiasts. One Bike Tanzania offers a unique cultural biking experience in Kilimanjaro that leaves a positive impact in the community. Having a bike tour is a great opportunity to get closer to the wonderful nature, local people and culture around Kilimanjaro. Our team welcomes you and brings you an immerse, genuine and remarkable biking experience across in Kilimanjaro.

Biking in Kilimanjaro & Make Impact

Biking is the best way to integrate nature and culture while exploring our magical region and beautiful country. With Mount Kilimanjaro as background, learn history, culture, local foods, and tips to best enjoy your time. We make biking tours accessible to everyone regarding their interests and physical ability by offering a variety of routes: multiple day expeditions, full-day trips throughout the region and city tours.

Are you planning for your next adventure? The past week One Bike Tanzania was biking another expedition across Kilimanjaro and we are pleasure to show you. This tour was biking on the eastern side of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Distance – 72 km

Trail type 

Level – challenging

Firstly, this one was more relaxing and enjoyable for a start of the day. We take a smooth downhill ride to Lake Chala, unique caldera lake, fed by underground springs from Mt Kilimanjaro. You will have time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and its great diversity of life, forest, plants, and birds while interacting with the locals also with a beautiful view of Mt Kilimanjaro when it’s a clear day. Secondly, from the lake Chala junction in left side we took one more challenging route. We biking on the dirt, sometimes muddy road when it’s rain with a lot of uphills and downhills. After that, we go deep in the dense forest and feel its charms, its rich flora, and fauna. The ride end in Marangu village where we spend the night.

bike tour kilimanjaro tanzania adventure


Distance – 35 km

Trail type

Level – moderate

The final day of this cycling challenge took us uphill and downhill towards to Moshi town, where we started our trip. After a long ride from the Tarakea, which is on the eastern side of Kilimanjaro mountain, we ride uphilll then finally and we start enjoying easy relaxing ride back to the Moshi on the downhill. In conclusion, in the town, we have lunch, time to relax or explore the city’s nightlife.

cycling tours in kilimanjaro tanzania

Why biking in Kilimanjaro with One Bike Tanzania?

  • POSITIVE IMPACT. 40% of all our proceeds goes to fund social projects, creating awareness of environment pollution through re-cycling tours.
  • TRUE EXPERTISE. Our cycling professional Tanzanian guides is determined to offer faultless guidance and remarkable experience.

  • GREAT REVIEWS. We are highly rated on tours and safari platforms across the world for our excellent services.

  • ULTIMATE VALUE. When you book one of our adventures, you will receive quality services at the best prices with plenty of inclusions.

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