Bike tour Chagga Village

We started the bike tour into Chagga Village early in the morning from the bike shop through the busy town of Moshi. After a short time we started using dirt roads and enjoyed the clear air and the silence in the nature. Even though the roads were rocky we had a lot of fun with our Mountain-bikes.


Discovering Chagga Village by Bike

We crossed the river “Karanaga”, passed many coffee and banana plantations and met lots of friendly locals who always welcomed us (“karibu sana”). Our guide, Said, took good care of us. We were only three people, so the tour was very personal and he could adjust the speed individually. We stopped from time to time in the shade for “sipisipi” (drinking) and had some refreshments at a little shop in a rural area. Since Said has grown up here he gave us many insights into the chagga culture and taught us Kiswahili.

After a 19km ride mostly uphill through beautiful landscapes, we finally reached our main goal, a chagga village called: Kibosho. Suddenly we were occupied by loads of local school kids in school uniforms who were happy to see some “mzungus” (white people). They wanted to try our bikes, took pictures with us and joined us on our way running next to us.

The main sight was a 150 year old catholic church made out of stone with a beautiful park around it. We used this to take lots of memorable pictures and took a break.

And then, the most fun part started: all the way we went up, we raced down again. 10 kilometers without a single paddle, only concentrated on our two brakes.
To finish our trip we had lunch with different local dishes nearby Moshi.

Having a bike tour is a great opportunity to get closer to the wonderful nature, local people and culture around Kilimanjaro.

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