You are probably in Moshi for a few days waiting for your safari or Kilimanjaro climb to start and wondering what to do. Well, Moshi is not a town where you can just sit back and relax, on the contrary it is full of treasures! 

Explore the city of Moshi

Moshi Town itself is full of surprises and we have created a great to do list for you. You will definitively have a great time here. 

1. Get some cheap clothes in Memorial market

First of all, it is unthinkable to go to Moshi without strolling through the Memorial market. It is one of the nicest thing to do in Moshi. All the locals gather there for their daily shopping. You will find everything from colourful dresses to snorkels. The mix of colourful stalls amidst the purple trees makes this place magical. 

Stands in memorial market in Moshi with a view of Kilimanjaro

Memorial Market Moshi

2. Explore the streets of Moshi

To really immerse yourself in the local life, there is nothing like taking a walk in the streets of Moshi. There is always a small market where you can taste typical African fruits, learn a few words in Swahili or discover the local handicrafts. The main market is called “Mbuyuni Market” and is the most vibrant place of the city.  Go a little bit downhill and you will find the old railway of Moshi and the magnificent view of Kilimanjaro that you can get from it. You will end your tour in Uhuru Park, or Freedom Park, the most peaceful place in town. There are a few stalls and a nice playground. 


3. Take a bike tour in Moshi Countryside

Finally, one of the best things to do to discover Moshi is to take a Biking tour. You’ll pass by all the key places in the city while learning more about the history of Moshi and doing some sport!

Immerse yourself in the lush nature that surrounds the city of Moshi with its large sugar cane plantations, rich flora and fauna, a taste of local life, and the most beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.
Bike Tour in Moshi countryside

Bike Tour in Moshi countryside

4. Try the local food

Tanzanian food is very tasty and is full of variety. In Moshi, most locals eat a lot of banana (ndizi in swahili) that are grown in the Chagga villages, on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is also famous for its rice dishes inspired from Indian cuisine. The best place to eat Indian food is the Milan’s restaurant, in the city centre. A must-try as well is their “chipsi mayai” which is a sort of spanish tortilla. They also have “Zanzibar pizza” that you can get in the local place “Taj Mahal” where you can also get all sort of local food. 

5. Experience Moshi by Night

If you like going out, Moshi by night is definitely something you will want to see. The main nightclub is called “Redstone” but before that, you can either have a drink at their bar or go to Amuzz Bar or Hugo’s Garden. If you want to have a true local experience in Moshi by night, this is the place to go! Kibo Palace hotel also has a rooftop from which you will have an amazing view of the city. 

Discover the surroundings

1. Climb Kilimanjaro… by bike

Although most people climb Kilimanjaro by foot, it is actually possible for the most adventurous to climb it by bike! You can either book a day trip to the Shira Plateau or climb up to the top in 9 days! Yes, it will be challenging but the reward will be worth it!

Climb Kilimanjaro bike

Climb Kilimanjaro by bike

2. Go to for a bike safari in Arusha National Park  

Arusha National Park is just a few hours away from Moshi so it’s perfect for a day trip. You can explore the stunning Arusha National park on a bike and enjoy the fresh air while being surrounded by its zebras, giraffes, bushbucks, monkeys, buffalos, birds and many more. With Mount Meru in the background, you can ride through different habitats & beautiful lakes and let yourself be charmed by the beauty of the landscape.


Bike safari in Arusha National Park

Bike safari in Arusha National Park

3. Challenge yourself with a bike tour or a hike to the Materuni Waterfalls

First of all, the Materuni waterfalls are a must-see during your stay in Moshi. You will have to venture into the jungle with a guide before you can see this wonder. These 80m high waterfalls are located in an idyllic setting. You can swim and even hide behind the waterfalls. You can also discover the artisanal coffee production of the Chagga tribe. The waterfalls can also be reached by bicycle, for the more sporty among you! Check out our itinerary on our website to learn more about how to get to the Materuni waterfalls by bike ! 

Materuni Waterfalls

Day Trips at the Materuni Waterfalls

4. Enjoy a bike ride to the Kikuletwa Hot springs

It is then unthinkable not to swim at the Chemka Hot Springs, also known as Kikuletwa. Not only will the bike ride to the hot springs take you through a wide range of Tanzanian landscapes: savannah, sugar cane plantations, Maasai villages and acacia forest. But the arrival itself is also heavenly: a patch of warm turquoise water surrounded by blue monkeys will delight you. 

Chemka Hotsprings

Chemka Hotsprings

5. Discover a Chagga village by bike

Finally, the village of Marangu is well worth a visit. This colourful hamlet is home to one of the seven famous starting gates for the Kilimanjaro climb. In addition, a few kilometers away, you will have the opportunity to discover the Kilasiya Waterfall in the middle of the jungle and take a swim. 

This tour will take you through fascinating Chagga villages on the slopes of mountain Kilimanjaro. It is a ride through beautiful, lush forests as well as banana and coffee farms, during which you may learn about local Chagga life and the farming practices that supply the whole region.
Bike tours in the Chagga villages

Bike tours in the Chagga villages


I hope this article has convinced you that there are many things to do in Moshi. This city is definitely worth a visit!

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