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Our Mission is to improve the lives of people in our community and to promote environmental awareness through bicycle lifestyle. We develop our projects based on urgent needs and impact, as well as on encouraging education.

Our current projects: Re-Cycling Tour, One Bike Workshop, One Bike Nomad, One Bike Mobility

Re-Cycling Tour

Environmentally friendly initiative that has the goal to bring plastic polution awareness to our community. On a montlly “cycling to recycle” event we gather people to cycle around Moshi – using a special backpack tailor made from recycled materials – colleting plastic bottles for recycling. In 2019 we were recognized by Environmental City Council as Environmental Lovers. Re-Cycling Tour is being extended to schools in a hope to engage kids and their families. 

Join us the first Saturday of every month at 9am! #UnlitteringAfrica

One Bike Workshop

Mechanical training program for youth taking place weekly in our bike shop. It is an opportunity for them to develop a professional skill, to have an income, and to serve the community where they live. In addition they may become spreaders of bicycle lifestyle in their social circle. 

Join us every Wednesday from 3-5pm for our workshops!

One Bike Nomad

We take our tools to one of the villages in our region to offer free bike repair and maintenance on the 15th of every month. Bikes are an important transportation equipment in the villages and sometimes serve many people at once.

One Bike Mobility

Through our partners and collaborators we donate bicycles to attend different needs of our community, such as students that live too far away from school, people who need transportation to hospitals from remote areas, men and women that are out of work due to lack of transportation.

Be part of the change

You can be part of the change by providing means to increase our impact or by using your skills in our volunteering program. By helping to transforming other’s lives we transform our own!