Unique cultural adventure experiences through the local villages, forests, and plantations of the Kilimanjaro region

The slopes of Kilimanjaro is a region rich in local culture. The lush, green vegetation keeps people, houses, and wildlife hidden from view. We are locals by birth. We are from the villages. Let us uncover the hidden gems of this beautiful area and guide you in authentic cultural experiences.

Cycling through the TPC plantations

This one-day trip will take you from Moshi to the sugar cane plantations, where nature abounds and wildlife is waiting to be discovered.

Cycling through the Chagga village

This one-day trip takes us through the local Chagga villages on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. We will ride through beautiful nature, discover new foods, and have unexpected encounters with local villagers.

Cycling to the scenic Materuni waterfall

This one-day trip is a beautiful day of cycling through the local villages, exploring the coffee plantations and lush, green scenery on our way to the spectacular falls.

Cycling the Kilimanjaro Shira Plateau

This one-day trip is ideal for avid mountain bikers looking to cycle on Mt. Kilimanjaro or for those seeking an adventurous challenge.

Cycling in Arusha National Park

This adventurous one-day trip takes you into one of Tanzania's overlooked gems. Join us for an unforgettable journey cycling with African wildlife!

Cycling the western slopes of Kilimanjaro

This three-day tour takes us around the west side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Gravel roads, easy downhills, and local culture!

Cycling around mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro

Join us for an absolutely spectacular and memorable 360 degree ride around the world's largest free standing mountain!

Cycling from Kilimanjaro to Ngorongoro Crater

This seven-day journey is perhaps the ultimate iconic cycling experience on the entire African continent!

Cycling from Kilimanjaro to Indian Ocean

Our Cycling trip begins from Kilimanjaro to the old town of Bagamoyo. It takes us through Tanzania’s lush green forests to dry bush lands, remote villages to bustling towns, wildlife corridors and diverse cultures i.e Maasai, Chagga, Wasambaa, Wakwere etc.

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